Alpaca Wool Throws & Knee Rugs

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Alpaca Throws




Alpaca Throws (approx size: 66"x55" or approx 65"x50")

Our alpaca throws are both soft and snug whilst sensibly-sized for multi-task serviceablity. Warm, lightweight, soft and hypo-allergenic, Alpaca yarn throws are perfect for town or country use.

These throws come from Cumbria in natural colours only, and provide a great opportunity for anyone looking for an extra special gift.

Light fawn with dark brown stripes

£148.50 (approx 66"x55")

£135.00 (approx 65"x50")


**Sorry! Alpaca Throws are currently out of stock**




Alpaca Knee Rugs (approx size: 34" x 48")

In brown and white check, and, like the bigger version, specially spun and woven for us in the UK, out of our own, home-grown, natural coloured Alpaca fibre.

Now that Winter's coming, this very warm and soft little rug will be appreciated more than ever.

Ideal for wheelchair users, or for keeping out the draughts whilst in the car, on the train or watching TV (or even in a baby buggy! - Ed.)

A really handy size, designed to double up as a not-too-cumbersome shoulder wrap for the colder weather.

Machine-washable on Hand Wash Wool cycle.

Price: £77.85


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