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Our baby alpacas (called 'Cria') started arriving in late May this year; and we now have thirteen happy, healthy youngsters, who will probably be weaned about Christmas time; and most of who, once they have completed their halter training, will be for sale in the New Year


As many people will know by now, the gestation period of an alpaca can vary between ten and a half months and thirteen months or even longer. We generally reckon on an average of about eleven and a half months, and this has worked out about right this year, apart from Nutmeg.

Having long since stopped holding our breath over her impending delivery, we had been beginning to wonder whether, as can happen, she had lost her cria somewhere along the way. However, a jump on the scales, the other day, convinced us that there was more than a possibility that she was not, after all, alone!  Watch this space.... 


 contact us to make a plan and write in a diary date to 

Come and See the youngsters and their parents and siblings,

at home in their fields, sometime within the next month or two?  


A memorable experience, for Adults and Children alike.


Visit our Alpaca Showroom,


See the Wonderful Garments we make out of our own alpacas' fleeces

and choose Something Special, by which to remember your visit.

For Appointment, Call 015396 21246 or Mob. 07812 158641

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