Alpaca Socks

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Alpaca socks have proved a very welcome addition to our product line. Owing to their ability to wick away moisture and their wonderful softness and warmth, they are particularly popular with people spending long days in the country, as well as those simply wishing to be more comfortable than their friends who wear 'ordinary' socks.

Since our earlier make of socks, which were of pure alpaca, did not appear to last as long as their wearers would have wished (possibly because they were so comfortable that they were worn for longer at a time than 'ordinary' socks might have been), we decided to have future batches made with a moderate add-mix of nylon, to give extra durability.

The excellent socks currently available hence are not made exclusively of our own, home-grown alpaca; and, incidentally, are the only dyed product we sell.



DON'T MISS, at the foot of this page, our now well-established and sensationally popular line of Vertical Striped Socks, which have recently been going 'like hot cakes'! In 75% alpaca and 25% nylon, these come, until sold out, in the usual sizes and in Grey/Cream; Pink/Grey; Black/Grey; Brown/Black and Blue/Rasberry, and, besides being Very Smart, are Really Comfortable. Price: £16.80


 Cushion-soled Walking Socks [75% alpaca:25% nylon] : Small (shoe size 4-5), Medium (6-8) and Large (9-11) in Black, Red and Dark Green. Price: £16.80 

Cushion-soled Walking Socks

Knee-length Cushion-soled Socks (Brilliant for boots!): [75% alpaca:25% nylon] : Small (shoe size 4-6) , Medium (7-9), Large (10-12) in Black, Dark Green, Red. Price: £18.85

Shooting Socks/Kilt Hose:[75% alpaca:25% nylon] : Red, Dark Green, Ecru : Price: £23

Everyday Socks  [55% alpaca:45% nylon] : Small (shoe size 4-6), Medium (7-9) and Large (10-12) in [Left to Right in l/h picture below] : Charcoal, Grey, Red, Navy, Cream, Brown, Black. And in r/h picture : Hooped: Grey&Ecru (*NB: Not currently available), Brown&Ecru (*All sizes available), Grey&Brown (*NB: only Small size now available), Grey&Black (*NB: only Large size now available).   

Price: £14.75


Bed Socks : [90% alpaca : 10% nylon] : Small/Medium/Large : Only in Cream. Price : £18.85 


Dress SocksHooped Dress Socks

*** VERY IMPORTANT: . As there isn't room to depict all our present range of socks here in their various sizes/colours, and, because of the pandemic, stocks are currently rather low, please see comments re availability, and then either e-mail to check availability/colour/size before placing your order***  



Knee-length Cushion Soled Socks

Cushion-soled Shooting Socks/Kilt Hose

Cushion-soled Walking Socks
Verticle Stripe Socks
Cushion-soled Walking Socks
Everyday Socks
Bed Socks
Hooped Everyday Socks
Hooped Everyday Socks
The WhyNot Alpacas Herd in Cumbria Alpacas on show at local Cumbrian exhibitions and events Alpacas in the snow-covered fields of Sedbergh