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gini eddleston - Posted on: Wednesday 13th of October 2021 at 09:19am

Well, what can I say about Robin and Caroline? Other than amazing. Their enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and humour are invaluable when you're a first time buyer especially. We bought a gorgeous pregnant girl from Whynot early spring, she became a little stressed with the move and Robin and Caroiline brought two of her field friends down within an hour of me letting them know of her distress, and all was well. We caught the alpaca addiction and bought another Whynot female in late summer. We left her in the highly capable hands of Whynot for her to be.mated and once again their knowledge, expertise, support and advice was invaluable. Robin and Caroline are a fantastic team together and can't recommend them highly enough.
Gini and Paul

Caroline - Posted on: Thursday 30th of September 2021 at 01:51pm

Loved meeting the alpacas and hearing all about them. A perfect visit.

Karolyn Tonks and Bryan Clouston - Posted on: Thursday 19th of August 2021 at 05:59pm

Yesterday turned out to be a real treat.
We visited Why Not Alpacas at Sedbergh, Cumbria
After being greeted by the hosts and Alpaca breeders Robin and Caroline, we were given a guided tour around the form. Robin, a jovial and very informative expert regaled us with Alpaca anecdotes, profound advice and fascinating facts about their herd. Caroline introduced us to many individual Alpacas describing their personality, character and pedigree.
Occasionally in life one meets people who are truly inspirational. Robin and Caroline fit this description very well.
Meeting the hosts and their beautiful animals made an ordinary day MAGICAL.
Bryan and Karolyn

Liz & Karl Gudgeon - Posted on: Wednesday 28th of April 2021 at 11:08am

If you are looking at getting Alpacas, then look no further. Robin and Caroline are the people to deal with. Their knowledge on them are outstanding and they will guide you in the right direction.
We had a wonder full afternoon with them, and met the females with crias. We bought 3 boys , 2 we picked that day, the other we waited to see how they budded up, as we weren't getting them until they come off their mums.
A few months down the line and we have now got our boys ,we have had them a week and they have settled in fine. I walk them nearly every day. They are Great. If you need to know any think or are worried about your Alpacas, Robin and Caroline are just at the end of the phone and are only too happy to help. Thank you both once again.

Helen Panteli - Posted on: Wednesday 10th of February 2021 at 07:14pm

Collected 3 new girls yesterday , they travelled up to Scotland like angels and joined the 2 we have like old friends. In fact one of the grew up with the 2 we have. We took them for a walk today and they were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy being with us and were happy to be stroked and kissed Love sitting in the barn with them listening to the lovely sounds they make . Thankyou so much to Robin and Caroline who have been so supportive helping us increase our herd . Can’t wait to have baby Crias next year fingers crossed x

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