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WhyNotAlpacas Customer Feedback

Ellie, Sue and John - Posted on: Sunday 10th of July 2016 at 09:38pm

We made an appointment for 4.00pm and as soon as we were welcomed by Robin and Caroline, we all immediately felt drawn in to the wonderful world of alpacas. We rapidly realised what intelligent, inquisitive and charming creatures alpacas are. We were shown around by two very knowledgable and enthusiastic experts who were clearly passionate about their animals and the properties of their fleece. The experience was so much greater than any possible expectations before we arrived - we haven't stopped telling people about it since!

Jane and Dave Smith - Posted on: Thursday 07th of April 2016 at 11:22am

When we moved to our new home we considered various options for the small field attached to the house. When someone suggested Alpacas we did our research and phoned Why Not Alpacas. Robin and Caroline invited us to visit to meet their herd. Robin and Caroline were so welcoming; their hospitality, knowledge and advice was second to none. And the Alpacas - WOW what wonderful creatures, they were absolutely adorable and the best stress relief imaginable. Their inquisitive nature and beautiful big eyes are hard to resist. By the end of our visit we had decided to purchase 3 of the young male Alpacas.

Robin and Caroline welcomed us back a couple of weeks later to participate in some basic Alpaca training with ‘our boys’. The highlight was putting collars on the boys and taking them for a short walk. We left feeling completely chilled out but also very excited at the prospect of having our own Alpacas.

We took delivery of our boys 9 days ago and they are a complete delight. They already come over to be hand fed by us. They have attracted many visitors and are giving a lot of people a lot of pleasure when passing by. Our neighbour called by to tell us how much they enjoy watching them.

Robin and Caroline have been fantastic and are still there to give us any advice should we need it. We really appreciate their continued support, thank you.

Sarah stewart - Posted on: Saturday 01st of August 2015 at 08:26pm

My sister Rachel, myself and our two children Finn and Molly visited whynotalpacas on 30/07/15 and although they were not really open to the public, Caroline was really great, friendly, informative and accommodating. Her beautiful alpacas really captured all our hearts, particularly the gorgeous crias. We really loved the fact that products made from their own alpacas had a photo of the animal concerned attached to them, it gives the history and provenance and marks them out from other companies! It was a really special time on our Cumbrian holiday and it will stay with us forever. Thank you so much, and good luck with all your alpaca adventures!

Charlotte Sugden - Posted on: Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 at 09:47pm

Thank you so much to Robin and Caroline for their hospitality & advice when it came to buying two of my four alpacas from them. The boys have been well trained and I'm able to lead them easily - I look forward to many happy alpaca adventures with them!

JOY & TREVOR KILBURN - Posted on: Monday 22nd of June 2015 at 10:06am

Having been inspired by alpacas on a visit to a country show a couple of years ago, it was always my intention to see more of them.
A little bit of Internet research pointed me in the direction of WHY NOT ALPACAS, this being the closest to where I live. Sat nav directions took us right to the door, very useful as the only sign was right at the gate, and being quite small, we could have missed it altogether.
Anyway if you want an unforgettable experience pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed.
Robin, the extremely informative owner of these adorable animals couldn't have been more welcoming, even though we arrived unexpectedly, and without hesitation, happily introduced us to the herd.
The sight of around nine newly shorn little alpacas running to greet us couldn't help but put a smile on your face. The little tuft of fleece left on the top of their head makes them look quite comical, but it's left there for a reason!! Go and find out for yourselves.
Up to the higher paddock where the females roam freely, and give birth virtually unaided, we were able to observe a cria (baby) newly born that morning. The views of the surrounding countryside are sensational and on a sunny day, it was a magical experience not to be missed.
We went on the off chance of seeing some nice little animals but left totally smitten and looking forward to making an adoption on our next visit. The products from the fleece are available to buy as well, a beautiful souvenir or gift.
Robin indicated that we'd be most welcome anytime but a phone call before would be appreciated. Robins hospitality is second to none, it may have been OUR first visit, it won't be our last.
Imagine something wonderful, multiply it by 10, you're close to understanding the attraction of alpacas.

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