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Bell Family - Posted on: Tuesday 17th of July 2012 at 08:53am

What a fantastic afternoon we had at the Blooming Great Tea Party on Sunday.

Despite a rather soggy start to proceedings, our congenial hosts made every effort to ensure everyone had a good time and to raise as much money as possible for Marie Curie. As well as splendid cream teas, we were kept on our toes with a treasure hunt, splat the rat and a raffle.

The four legged hosts were equally accommodating with the proud new Mums parading their new offspring on the lawn. Our adopted ray of sunshine, Fereva, looked blooming in the latter stages of her pregnancy.

However the stars of the show for this event had to be last year's youngsters - The strapping "Q" Boys, who took part in an alpaca derby.

Unfortunately, like many premiership footballers, their new found celebrity status did appear to go to their heads; Much adulation was enjoyed before, after and DURING the race - so much so that the "Q" boys forgot it was a race and ran over to the cheering crowd to revel in the adulation.

A highly amusing afternoon was had by all and the princely sum of £600 was raised for a very good cause.

Thank you to all hosts, both two legged and four legged, for a great time!

Clare & Paul Bell, N Yorks - Posted on: Monday 21st of May 2012 at 07:26pm

Thanks to Robin and Caroline for a lovely Sunday afternoon learning alpaca basics. Great fun leading alpaca youngsters round and learning about how to put harnesses on and take them off. Fortunately both the alpacas & Robin and Caroline were equally patient with our beginners' efforts! Thanks again - hope to see you for your "Blooming Great Jubilee Tea Party".

Lucy sharp from solihull - Posted on: Saturday 21st of April 2012 at 04:50pm

I had a really great day at WhyNot Alpacas, i got close enough to grt face to face with one of them! I learnt lots about them too, thanks for a great day.

Lucy xxx :)

Wendy Moss - Posted on: Friday 18th of November 2011 at 07:32pm

Dear Robin and Caroline, thanks so much for your time today and for introducing us to the girls and babies.We were all delighted to be so close to them in such beautiful surroundings.
I have really enjoyed spinning 'Puck'. The long staple length of the fibre, its lustre and fineness makes preparation and spinning a real joy. 'Pucks' yarn shades range from almost white to dark brown so the potential for design is endless! I can't wait to get started on Hamish, Max and Orchid.
Best regards, Wendy, Vicky, Hazel and Janet.

Ann-Marie Atkinson - Posted on: Saturday 02nd of July 2011 at 08:59pm

Hi Robin & Caroline

It was nice to see you at Woolfest last Saturday, Noah, Nestle and Nakuru send there love. They are lovely boys, and settled really well into the herd, and I love them to bits.

We bought the boys in October 2009 and they are a pleasure to have, Nestle is a cheeky boy, and always wants to eat out of the bucket, not the trough like everyone else, and he is so cute he usually gets away with it as I cannot refuse when he looks at me with those big brown eyes. Noah and Nakuru just take life in there stride, and are equally adorable. There is nothing I like more than coming home from work, making a coffee and going out to sit on my bench in the field, within minutes I am surrounded by the boys (I have 8) who come and sit with me, humming away the stresses of the day, and that inner peace settles within. I will send a picture of them shortly.

If I ever decide I want more boys I will definately be giving you a call!
All for now


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