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Wendy Moss - Posted on: Friday 18th of November 2011 at 07:32pm

Dear Robin and Caroline, thanks so much for your time today and for introducing us to the girls and babies.We were all delighted to be so close to them in such beautiful surroundings.
I have really enjoyed spinning 'Puck'. The long staple length of the fibre, its lustre and fineness makes preparation and spinning a real joy. 'Pucks' yarn shades range from almost white to dark brown so the potential for design is endless! I can't wait to get started on Hamish, Max and Orchid.
Best regards, Wendy, Vicky, Hazel and Janet.

Ann-Marie Atkinson - Posted on: Saturday 02nd of July 2011 at 08:59pm

Hi Robin & Caroline

It was nice to see you at Woolfest last Saturday, Noah, Nestle and Nakuru send there love. They are lovely boys, and settled really well into the herd, and I love them to bits.

We bought the boys in October 2009 and they are a pleasure to have, Nestle is a cheeky boy, and always wants to eat out of the bucket, not the trough like everyone else, and he is so cute he usually gets away with it as I cannot refuse when he looks at me with those big brown eyes. Noah and Nakuru just take life in there stride, and are equally adorable. There is nothing I like more than coming home from work, making a coffee and going out to sit on my bench in the field, within minutes I am surrounded by the boys (I have 8) who come and sit with me, humming away the stresses of the day, and that inner peace settles within. I will send a picture of them shortly.

If I ever decide I want more boys I will definately be giving you a call!
All for now


Roger Bush - Posted on: Monday 27th of June 2011 at 03:16pm

My newborn granddaughter is fitted out most stylishly with one of your alpaca wool hats, complete with little ears. She looks absolutely gorgeous in it and the hat is much admired. For a baby, alpaca wool garments are ideal and make perfect presents.

Elizabeth and Paul Mitchell - Posted on: Saturday 25th of June 2011 at 09:10pm

Rhubarb and Crumble have now been living alongside us for two years- and getting to know the Boys over that period of time has been a source of huge happiness and a few "Ooooh errrrr!" moments too. They hang over the fence into "their" garden and watch us like a pair of woolly hawks. Movement about the house in the mornings gives rise to hopeful hums as they know this is the precursor to the alpaca ambrosia of camelid dried feed! The pitch of the hum rises expectantly as soon as the door is opened and the sound they make has a wonderfully grounding and calming effect on the soul. Seeing them jump all four legs off the ground to greet us on our return from any trips out just makes us laugh so much.
Our recent visit to Sedbergh to have the Boys shorn made us realise that their relationship with us is not simply based on hay/feed/and chopped leafy greens. After they had been shorn they wanted to nuzzle us repeatedly as reassurance- it made us both feel very emotional to realise that just as we love them, they also love us.
It is a privilege to be the owners of these two delightful chaps and we bless the day we met Robin and Caroline. Their continued support and care (we have never kept large animals before) is far above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much. Paul and Elizabeth Mitchell, Lamplugh, Cumbria.

ELIZABETH PATERSON - Posted on: Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 at 11:14am

Delighted with the four huacaya boys that I purchased from WhyNot. The boys are bright and inquisitive but friendly and calm, in fact a delight to have. The halter training that they had been given makes them easy to handle and they walk well on the lead rein. The Sandys-Clarkes matched the boys well to my needs and I appreciated the fact that the welfare of the boys to the care of a new owner was paramount. I would certainly purchase alpacas again from WhyNot.

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