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Predators Beware! *** Book Your LAMB PROTECTORS Now ***





to make sure you don't (as, alas, too many people have done) find yourself trying to shut the stable door/fox's jaw after the lambs have gone


Several local farmers, who had been having a lot of bother with both foxes and badgers, have been impressed by the fact that, by having a few alpacas about for a short time before and during lambing time, much of the trouble formerly experienced has effectively ceased.

We have been delighted to hear that, once again, the Alpacas sent out on Fox Duty in 2015 all did an excellent job, with VERY FEW LAMB LOSSES from predation. Well Done them!

It's only a pity that more farmers are not embracing this splendid, inexpensive opportunity of solving what can be a very serious problem, or there might be some very hungry foxes around! 

** WhyNot have a look at the video below, to see some of our Alpacas at work at a  Free Range Egg unit in Scotland, where they have been doing good service for the past few years.

Quite apart from keeping the foxes away, the Alpacas are popular with, and provide an extra element of interest for, the unit's staff;  besides, as they are wherever they go, being a terrific draw to the Public, be they egg-buyers, Bed and Breakfasters or whatever.

As yet another spin-off in the above instance, they also attract the attention of passing motorists, who, having stopped to watch them, frequently take the chance to buy some eggs at the state-of-the-art dispenser shown in the film.


THE EGG BOX from Brendan MacNeill Photography on Vimeo.


And So To The 2021 Lambing Season:

Even a moderate mathematician can see that, if two lost lambs cost a farmer, potentially, say, £100, a small investment in a couple (or even a small handful!) of these exceptionally diligent and extremely effective Alpaca sentries cannot but pay dividends.  If ("Dream On, Dad"!) our Banking Chiefs could serve us half as well, we should probably not begrudge them their bonusses!

Lambing is already well underway, even in a very waterlogged Cumbria. Don't wait until Mr Fox has started on your lambs. Contact us as soon as possible, to ask any questions you may have; or to  discuss your needs.  We'll be only too pleased to advise or help in any way we can. (Tel:015396 21246, after dark, please)

As a Point of Interest for Farmers having a Caravan Site or Holiday Cottages: One of the farming families who have this year taken advantage of the presence of Alpacas in their Lambing Fields were keen for them not to come home as early as had originally been anticipated, since their Caravan visitors were so taken by the Alpacas early in the season that they had particularly asked whether they would still be around for the next Bank Holiday.


Note: The unfortunate Hen in the picture below was seized from her perch one night by what must have been a badger (a fox would have killed her straight away).  She was carried off by her captor, who incautiously took a route through the yard, in which there were a number of alpacas. On encountering the alpacas, the villain immediately dropped his prize, who, although having sustained loss of many feathers and a substantial amount of flesh from her back, was just able to scramble into a nearby hedge, where she was found next morning.

First Aid, in the form of the ubiquitous 'purple spray', was applied, but without much hope of success.

Amazingly, as the photograph (including the remnants of the spray) shows, she was soon back with the flock and laying well.  The badger, however, not surprisingly, has not called again.

No wonder that, helped by their possibly in some cases well-meaning, but undoubtedly, frequently ignorant Animal Rights 'friends', so many of the Foxy Fraternity have emigrated from their natural countryside environment, to try to scratch a miserable living in our towns and cities


So, if you know any farmer who has had predator trouble in the past, with either Foxes or Badgers amongst his lambing ewes, do encourage him to get in touch with us as soon as ever he can, to discuss either buying or hiring some Alpacas for guards for his valuable flock. 

Saturday 12th of December 2020

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