Alpaca Farm in Cumbria, Why Not Alpacas, Sedbergh

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Why Not Alpacas, Sedbergh


When we returned here from County Durham in 1999, the land had been used for farming sheep and cattle for many years; and so we decided to diversify. Over a hundred and fifty years ago, Yorkshire mills were working alpaca fibre to make clothing for Queen Victoria and the Royal family; and it seemed an appropriate time for alpacas to make a comeback on land which once lay within the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Established in the spring of 2000, the WhyNot Alpacas herd, together with our friends Greenholme Alpacas, with whom we work as one unit combining the advantages of both integrity and flexibility, now numbers more than a hundred alpacas. This puts us amongst the largest alpaca herds in the North West of England.

At both Ghyllas and Greenholme, we have extensive old pastures on the edge of Cumbria's Howgill Fells, overlooking the thriving Book / Market town of Sedbergh; and for several years we have been privileged to enjoy valuable extra upland grazing just below Baugh Fell at nearby Hebblethwaite. This has helped us greatly in our aim of producing hardy, healthy stock, able to thrive in more rugged conditions, as do their cousins in their native Andes.

The presence of alpacas in all these locations unquestionably enhances their attraction to walkers/visitors of all sorts; and has ensured that alpacas are now acknowledged as very much a feature of the local countryside.

NOTE: At 31st March 2022 we have a number of BEAUTIFUL ALPACA GIRLS, of Varying Ages and several hopefully PREGNANT, FOR SALE AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES


The Herd

Alpacas are herd animals, and we began our herd with four pregnant females. The first summer, one male and three female crias were born. The last of our original four girls sadly died recently, of old age (24). Like the other originals, whose offspring continue to form the nucleus of the herd, she had, we like to think, a great life here; and certainly did not owe us anything.

As the herd size has increased, we have brought in new bloodlines through stud males and new female breeding stock. We now sell animals, as breeding stock, fibre producers and pets, to all over the UK.  

EDITOR'S NOTE: Each cria is intriguingly different and delightful in his/her own way. They are up and away amazingly quickly (as you would be, if, in your homeland, you could otherwise end up as being Mr Predator's lunch!). Friendships and gangs are soon formed; and the babies soon dash off to play together


Alpaca Fibre

As can be seen from our Products and Contact pages, we offer for purchase a wide range of alpaca products: from raw fleece to balls of yarn, baby blankets to knee rugs, mittens to mufflers, and beanie hats to cardigans; all made from Cumbrian alpaca fibre.


WhyNot Alpacas? Why not indeed?

The size of the national herd is increasing daily, so WhyNot get in quick and start your own herd now? We pledge to do our best to help you.  There are many delightful individuals waiting in the wings for new homes.

So WhyNot ring 015396 21246 or 07812 158641, to make a plan to Come and See them? We are more than ever confident that both you and your children will be enchanted!